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Letter: Silent No More.

Sir - Our thanks to Doctor Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, for helping to open the debate on the present casual nature of abortion on this, the 40th anniversary, of the Act.

It may be true that women do not make the decision lightly, but what guidance and information is given to them at this time in early pregnancy, when they may be in panic and certainly feeling physically unwell?

There is no doubt that a new, unique human being is growing inside them and it is a time when doctors should be caring for two patients, one of these is already in the world, but in its mother's womb, his or her home for (usually) nine months of its life.

British Victims of Abortion (BVA), an umbrella group of ours, gives support to women who are struggling in the aftermath of their abortion experience.

In this, the 40th year of this permissive Act of Parliament (six and a half million abortions later) women and men belonging to BVA in an act of being "Silent No More" are giving public witness to their abortion experiences, their sense of emptiness and loss, anger, guilt and remorse, depression, relationship difficulties and more.

Women mustn't be misled any more to be party to ending the life of their unborn child. At this time in her pregnancy, the woman is in a vulnerable state, both physically and mentally. Let's stop the killing, let's love and protect both mother and child and remember the forgotten fathers.

The BVA Helpline is 0845 603 8501 7pm-10pm every day.


SPUC Information Officer (Wales), Splott Road, Cardiff
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 3, 2007
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