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Letter: Shared stadium.

Byline: John Power

IF GEORGE MASON reads the local press or listens to the radio, there is no evidence of it if his letter (Blue Meanies, September 10) is anything to go by.

Otherwise, he would know that the vast majority of Evertonians share his revulsion for a shared stadium and would willingly support his plea to the Anfield hierarchy "not to be taken in by local politicians who want to do what is best for Everton. " (That's a fanciful thought worth at least a loud titter. The Bellefield project, anyone?).

Everton supporters' justifiable claim to be the older of the two clubs is a side issue and irrelevant in this situation.

It is worth pointing out, though, that Everton FC were offered Kings Dock and it was Everton FC who couldn't raise the readies.

The supporters didn't really have much say in the matter.

John Power, Litherland
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 15, 2008
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