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Letter: Scandalous destruction.


Dear Editor, - Given the enormous popularity of The BBC Restoration programme, we could be forgiven for believing things are looking up for our built heritage. But the reality, at least in Birmingham, is somewhat different. I refer to two Post articles (Aug 17): The scandalous destruction by fire of the Grade II listed Springfield Brewery, the other, the ongoing disgraceful treatment of Moseley Road Baths. It is hoped that someone gets to the bottom of what or who caused the fire at the brewery; these fires in such inconvenient large old buildings always make me suspicious of foul play.

As to the baths plight, one can put this down to good old council incompetence. We have a stupid attitude in this country as to the upkeep of public buildings: Don't budget for any money to be spent in their upkeep, after many years of neglect, things get to crisis point, and then the building is claimed to be too far gone to be put right. But I have inside information that the building repair estimates are ridiculously over the top: e.g pounds 1/3 million just to put right one chimneystack!

And finally is it not ironic that our council seem hell bent on closing so many public baths, against the background of our woeful swimming performance in the Olympics.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Aug 20, 2004
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