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Letter: Richard misses the point.


Dear Editor, - There's a Spencer Tracy film (I think it's Bad Day at Black Rock) in which he tells a villain, 'You're not just making a fool of yourself, you're doing it at the top of your voice'. It sums up perfectly Richard McComb's column in today's Post (Oct 4).

He misses the point entirely.

A recently qualified lawyer (most probably heavily in debt due to student fees) looks at his or her potential career options; among the choices are to work for a large corporation, immediately earning a good salary plus benefits - pension plan, car, bonuses and a clearly-designated career path, for instance; or he or she spend more time studying, incurrring more expenses, to pass the Bar. Once he or she becomes a barrister, they will be self-employed. No sick pay, pension or holiday pay for them. They'll earn considerably less than their corporate colleagues and take longer to clear their student debts and have to give a portion of what they do earn to their chambers.

End result? An increasing amount of the best talent will choose the corporate option in preference to the Bar.

The losers? All of us, actually.

It may be that Richard McComb was so keen to stick the boot into one ofthe few professions held in less regard than journalism that he missed the bigger picture.

The defence rests

GORDON LANE Birmingham by email
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Oct 6, 2005
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