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Letter: Race attacks.

Byline: K Lowe

I WAS so disheartened to open the Daily Post yesterday and read of the rise in race hate on Merseyside.

I thought we had got past all this years ago. But, no, it seems that people are still being persecuted in our community for their race or religion.

This is appalling. How can we call ourselves Capital of Culture when we are not prepared to tolerate other people's cultures?

Education and integration are the only ways to beat racism but a quick trip around Liverpool displays that we still have a serious degree of segregation going on - self-imposed or not.

Many black people in this city feel safer in certain areas than in others.

To read that people have been driven to flee our city because of race hate makes me furious.

Some of those involved in these race attacks cite the terrorist attacks on London as justification for their actions but there is no justification for racism.

And, anyway, the real way to tackle terrorists is to pull together, not apart.

K Lowe, Sefton Park, Liverpool
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 1, 2005
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