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Letter: Policy of hope.

Byline: JF Lambert

AT THURSDAY'S debate, Dr Tim Leunig spoke clearly and with authority about the impact of the new geography on the future prosperity of Liverpool, so much so that near the end of the debate his chief antagonist was heard to say that he was right.

When Dr Leunig had finished, many in the audience were eager to question him.

Instead, the audience had to endure a discussion monopolised by a panel which had little to offer except often incoherent waffle, guided sometimes by hackneyed cliches and mantras which we have heard so often before.

Unfortunately, no one attempted to address the problem of what will happen to those who cannot leave the city.

In a country awash with money and with careful management, there seems little reason not to believe that Liverpool could become primarily a residential city with secondary functions such as being a student city Such a city would support - by entitlement, not aid - a large proportion of people not in paid employment but who would then be able to fulfil their own purposes. This would not be a policy of despair, but a move towards an ideal.

JF Lambert, Mossley Hill
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Oct 22, 2008
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