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Letter: Pandora's UK box.

Sir - Anyone concerned about the possible break-up of the UK cannot look upon the Welsh government's announcement of a referendum for a Scottish-style parliament with equanimity.

A Yes vote will surely be one step along the way to independence, as illustrated by the determined efforts of the leader of the Scottish National Party to tease his country away from England.

When one considers the coalition government's decision to lead the campaign for a Yes vote, the forceful promotion of the Welsh language in our schools and within the country at large, together with the unanswered Midlothian question in Parliament, then one can begin to gleam a witch's brew, created no less by the hubris of the Labour Government in Westminster.

For all the utterances of Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Britishness and the bonds that hold us together and give strength to this small island nation, he may find that having opened Pandora's box on devolution, he and his colleagues have let loose an unstoppable tide of public opinion for independence.


Cyfarthfa Gardens, Cefn Coed, Merthyr Tydfil
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Nov 3, 2007
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