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Letter: Not enough consideration for audience; HIGHBURY THEATRE.

Byline: D J TUDOR

Dear Editor, John Slim, your amateur stage correspondent, was most fortunate to receive such help and courtesy from the director and theatre management when he recently attended the Highbury Theatre to see Cat On A Hot Tin Roof (Post Culture, May 30).

What a pity the rest of the audience were not treated with the same degree of attention, consideration and concern. Some of us found our view of the stage obstructed by a dressing table, and its mirror so placed it completely blocked our view of a good half of the stage.

I found it extremely irritating the performance of such a fine play, so well cast and acted, was largely obscured from view by the wretched dressing table and its mirror.

Yes, I could hear what was said but, had I gone to the bar and listened from there, I could have had a better time. I would not have been constantly irritated and annoyed by the sound of the words emanating from actors I could not see, while they were hidden behind the stage obstruction.

By the penultimate day of a two-week production surely some of the previous audiences with obstructed vision of the stage must have complained. Well apparently they had done so. The management was well aware of the obstruction and difficulty the dressing table and mirror had caused.

It seems to me the director, Clair Armstrong Mills, believes performing art is performed only for the sake of the art. What the audience can see of the art is immaterial. Perhaps in the future she should concentrate on directing plays for radio.

Perhaps too, the theatre officials who were aware of the difficulty and did not intervene or take suitable, appropriate actions, should consider their own negligent conduct and failings, and resign from theatre management.


Sutton Coldfield
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jun 15, 2007
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