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Letter: More discipline.


I READ your article regarding schools, where pupils at Selly Oak Trust School in Birmingham are rewarded for good behaviour and attendance.

Why does the education system bow down to these pupils? You attend school to learn and if you are lucky enough to have a full attendance, then obviously you are a keen scholar.

Why should you be rewarded with a merit system? When I was a schoolboy, discipline was much more to the fore than nowadays. You stepped over at your peril.

Having been a schoolboy on the receiving end of the cane on more than one occasion, it made you realise who was in charge.

I appreciate that school life has moved on but discipline teaches respect, the one factor missing in today's society.

LEIGH SMART, Tamworth, Staffordshire
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jan 6, 2008
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