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Letter: Millions spent.

Byline: J Mercer

THE BBC has apparently spent about pounds 1m on their mob-handed coverage on the Olympics, an event which, dare I say it, is rather a yawn. I mean, so what if we come eighth in the 10 metre diving final, or 12th in the long jump.

How much of a popular spectator sport is fencing or hockey these days?

But there is a sport that millions of us in Britain are addicted to, and one which freely crosses more racial and ethnic boundaries than any other - I refer, of course, to Test cricket, which the BBC decided not to compete for the rights for. So it's another genuinely populist, popular sport lost to Mr Murdoch.

Compare this with the rumoured pounds 150m for Formula 1, which doesn't at all enjoy the same traditional following as cricket.

There are some odd values informing what the BBC bids for and they're not values shared by the majority of us. But we are, of course, compelled to foot the bill for them. Fair, eh?

J Mercer, Wallasey
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 12, 2008
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