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Letter: Meddling in others' affairs.

Byline: Trefor Davies

YOUR correspondent Phil Braithwaite, Birmingham, in his letter "Tell it as it is" (August 16) puts facts succinctly to show the policies pursued by the British and US Governments do have a direct bearing on the terrorist threats we now face in spite of everything Dr John Reid might say to the contrary.

British and American Governments were fully behind the Taliban when they enlisted them to fight a proxy war to expel the Russians from North Afghanistan.

Britain and America armed Saddam Hussein to the teeth when he agreed to fight a proxy war for them against the Iranians.

Britain and the US have been meddling in Middle Eastern affairs for decades: it is little wonder people from those countries want to see the back of us.

I am sure if positions were reversed, and we and the Americans were forced to suffer the sort of punishment inflicted on the Iraqi and Afghani people I feel sure we would take a very dim view of the situation.

War is not an option, our two governments haven't learnt that lesson yet.

The Americans are throwing another four thousand troops into the Baghdad melee while our government is providing our troops with extra protection as the situation in Basra has also deteriorated.

Afghanistan is chaotic and more dangerous than ever, not much of an advert for the countries which occupied it in 2001!

When will this government tell us how things really are instead of all this make believe?

Trefor Davies, Penrhyndeudraeth
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Aug 23, 2006
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