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Letter: Making the case for a National Defence Medal.

Byline: Tom Wareing

Dear Editor, As an octogenarian with 15-and-a-half years part-time, full-time and then part-time service in a khaki uniform, I beg to be allowed to comment on the proposal for a National Defence Medal.

The letter of Charles Lovelace (Post.

June 26) made a good case. Her Majesty the Queen was pleased to allow a National Defence Medal for her Australian forces so why the powers that be cannot allow Her Majesty to honour similarly the British forces simply beggars belief.

The photograph of the standard bearers accompanying his letter made the point too, where we obviously saw (and I'm not being unkind) seemingly comic opera characters wearing not only innumerable badges but a row of Mickey Mouse medals, the one I noticed commencing with a voluntary service cross, would you believe it, makes the case.

I have always had a certain sympathy with the Royal British Legion-inspired National Service medal but I know of people who have served for many years in many countries in Her Majesty's forces, who have literally nothing to show for it other than the Veterans' Badge.

The nonsense that appertains today could be easily rectified if we had a National Defence Medal. For goodness sake, we had a Defence Medal during the war which was awarded to the civilian forces as well as the regular forces, so why not a successful outcome of the campaign?

Tom Wareing Ex Sergeant RE and Lieutenant TA Redditch


Many who have served for many years in many countries having nothing to show for it other that the Veterans Badge
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jun 28, 2008
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