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Letter: MP must look behind hospital jargon for truth.


Sir, - Jonathan Walker's recent article, 'Row Hospital is reporting to MP' (Post, Feb 11), gave considerable oxygen to Worcester MP Mike Foster's new-found awareness of the difficulties being reported by users and staff at Worcester's new PFI hospital.

Apparently the MP is to be on the weekly information list to be told about a whole host of bureaucratic, jargonised, parameters, indicators, bed occupancy, delayed discharges, red alerts and yellow two alerts. While he cometh late to hospital awareness, we in Health Concern will try to forgive him, but only if he looks up from the 'spun' reports he is likely to get and counterbalances the 'quango-speak' with real patient, patient-in waiting and patient-in-ambulances-waiting experiences.

With this in mind, and hoping that he will seek balance, we would recommend all with a hospital tale to tell, good or bad, to write to him at the House of Commons, London SW1A 0AA. (Perhaps an information photocopy to Dr Taylor will emphasise attention).

Such balance could influence Mr Foster towards reading the recently published repentance consultation document that has come from Mr Milburn's health department. It is entitled Keeping the NHS Local: A new Direction of Travel .

Should he read it, and become on-line to it, he will be in real danger of joining Dr Richard Taylor's Health Concern group, and thus ensuring re-election when the time comes. There would be a proviso from Health Concern, however, he would have to persuade whoever is the Minister of Health when the new policy is adopted, that the newly proposed networking of local hospitals should be given emergency retrospective implementation in Worcestershire.

Then the new networking between Worcester, Redditch and a refurbished Kidderminster Hospital would really provide a service for the whole county to be proud of. Most of what is now advised in the document is the very opposite of the recent sad mess that is Worcestershire's present hospital reconfiguration.

DAVID PARRY Health Concern, Kidderminster.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Mar 4, 2003
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