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Letter: Lousy performance.

Byline: J Bedford

THE photographs of the Royal Mail chief, Adam Crozier, on holiday in Barbados, stuck in my gullet. This is a civil servant who was paid pounds 2.7m last year and will be paid pounds 3m this year.

During his tenure of office, 4,600 post offices have closed and he will close 2,500 more. He has also overseen the abolition of daily second deliveries; the single remaining delivery often arrives in the afternoon, rather than at breakfast time, which was the norm not long ago. Meanwhile, 15m letters a year go missing and the universal postal service lost pounds 100m last year.

We're fed a line by apologists that the best people have to be paid for at the market rate and Mr Crozier and his team are hitting their targets.

I don't buy that. If this is the best that Royal Mail can do on what I believe is the highest civil servant's salary and bonus incentive, then God help us.

If Mr Crozier is being rewarded with payment by results, shouldn't he be giving us money back for the lousy performance of the organisation he is overseeing?

J Bedford, Childwall
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 29, 2008
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