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Letter: Litter ruins the image of cities.

Byline: Rita J Watson (Mrs)

HAVING just returned from a tour around Europe, I was shocked and dismayed to be reminded all too vividly about how much litter there is around not only Liverpool, but just about everywhere in this country. Continental Europeans clearly not only say they care, but do so in reality.

Even somewhere like Chester, which has rather a grand opinion of itself, is not immune from this dreadful despoiling of the landscape.

In some ways, I do feel rather sorry for local councils as they don't drop the litter themselves. It's there for only one reason, dirty feckless people who have no concern or pride in their surroundings.

So many Liverpudlians are always keen to parade their sentimental affection for the city but an equal number show their real contempt by littering the pavements and roads. And don't get me started on the ghastliness of chewing gum-encrusted pavements.

Again, for a city so concerned with being proud of itself, it betrays a fundamental lack of pride.

Although there is also something deeply depressing about seeing overflowing litter bins, a situation that Chester City Council is often guilty of in places like The Groves.

Again, having got people to be responsible and put their litter in bins, surely it is incumbent for a council to empty them regularly so that the public can actually use them.

Rita J Watson (Mrs), Woolton
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 6, 2007
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