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Letter: Limit the dredging.

Sir - Jack Kearns (Letters, August 13) should be heeded. I listened to a discussion on dredging on Radio Wales last week.

The spokesman for the dredging industry said that it was not the dredging that was causing our beaches to be denuded of sand. This was apparently due to long-term shifts in the sand due to natural wave and sea activity. He maintained that the sand is periodically washed off the beaches out to sea and that it is later washed back onto the beaches. This has apparently been going on for thousands of years and is perfectly normal.

While I screamed at the car radio, no one in the studio asked what I thought was the pertinent question. If the sand that is washed out to sea is dredged, how is it possible for it to be subsequently washed back up onto the beaches? Surely, if a cycle of events is interrupted then the cycle ceases to function.

Dredging off the Welsh coast should be limited to that which is required for use in Wales. I hate to be parochial about this, but our resources have been exploited for the benefit of others for too long.


Parklands, Blackwood
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 18, 2007
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