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Letter: Leave us alone.

Byline: T Darracott, Aigburth, Liverpool

SITTING watching God knows what TV channel last night, I became more watchful when a commercial appeared on the screen with a Liverpool thoroughfare displayed in sub-script.

A voice-over begins to give some advice on what a potential buyer might look for when examining a second-hand car, and the camera angle opens to bring in a second vehicle (van) some dis-tance away, with what I think was a breakdown van.

I assumed it was an advertisement for a breakdown firm, whose services could be used to examine a car for the potential buyer and give some form of condition report.

Now to the whingeing. After some further advertisements, the "Templeton Road" film returned with the same scenario, but this time the voice-over speaks of stolen vehicles and a telephone contact number is shown on the screen for any right-minded person to use.

Not having any access to any statistical information with regard to car theft/ringing where Liverpool is concerned, I cannot say if this particular activity is more significantly prevalent in this area without some comparative data for other cities/areas where undoubtedly the same activities occur.

But why in God's name is the Liverpool location (by the way, reference to the Liverpool A-Z and an "Autoroute" disc I have, shows there is no Templeton Road) used in this context and what a slur on the residents of that area.

This is a calculated and subjective attempt to maintain and bolster the hackneyed and negative image of Liverpool.

I have fumed all day in Victor Meldrew fashion, spat my dummy out, pouted, ranted and raged to my colleagues' amusement, but did elicit a degree of sympathy
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 28, 2005
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