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Letter: Labour grip.

Byline: Trefor Davies

THE letter No Democracy presupposes we had democracy prior to May 3, which certainly was not the case.

Labour ruled in Wales, although the combined vote of people holding other opinions was the greater.

In Britain as a whole the position is more glaringly unfair.

Labour only managed to persuade 22% (1 in 5) of the electorate to support them, 18% supported the Tories, and 12% Lib/Dems.

About 8% voted for other parties and a massive 40% (two people in every five) found the politicians on offer a complete turn-off.

How can a party with such little support as Labour claim the right to speak for us and legislate in our name? As a former supporter of Labour, but for the last 33 years a member of Plaid Cymru, I am pleased Rhodri Morgan is having to consider other people for a change.

Democracy has come to Wales at last!

Trefor Davies, Llanfrothen
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:May 24, 2007
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