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Letter: Key role of Business Links.


Dear Editor, I refer to the letter from Chris Kelly, "Advising the business advisers", (Post August 21st).

As a company that has always worked very closely with the Business Links, I would like to commend them for their foresightedness for using the expertise of external business advisers.

If only more entrepreneurs would allow, "outside eyes" to look at their businesses. It is my experience that when we are too close, we sometimes can't see potential pitfalls that are blatantly staring us in the face.

I agree with Chris that low taxation and regulation would be a great help to our entrepreneurs but without the local Business Links, surely, we would end up as just a very small cog in a large wheel.

As a magistrate, I know how important it is to have local knowledge, so I dread the day when local support agencies are "no more" and help is provided holistically from London!

PATRICIA C SUTTON JP Advantage Business Angels,
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Aug 22, 2008
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