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Letter: In defence of Charles critic.

Byline: Dr Robyn Lewis

THERE are some matters which should be answered in the two letters from David Owen and JI Jones denigrating Ian Parri's observations on Charles Windsor.

It seems to many of us that he has virtually no interest in being our titular prince. It is manifestly obvious that he has his mind set on becoming King of England; the sooner the better and before he becomes too old.

He is not to be denigrated for being of German descent, though he is on both sides. His maternal ancestors changed the family name from Saxo-Coburg-Gotha in 1917. His paternal ancestors changed from Battenburg to the anglicised Mountbatten. What genuine interest does he take in Wales? He has not had either of his sons learn Welsh.

He can only just about manage to read a phonetic script himself. Both sons have followed the time honoured (and outmoded) path into the military - the classic vocation for the unemployed and unemployable in the present theoretical time of peace. His first born, William, even supports the England Rugby team - openly. I would certainly not put him at the head of any list of benefactors of our country. His latest 'benefaction' has been the purchase of a holiday home in Wales, adding to the endless list of those who have done so, at a time when many Welsh families cannot afford even a first home. How many houses does Charles own already? Five? Six?

It will be very many more when his great day comes. As to Ian Parri, his family tree back to 1714 does not interest me. After all, he is not 'Prince Ian'. In any event, I am quarter English (or rather a quarter Canadian) myself. So what?

Dr Robyn Lewis, Nefyn
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 1, 2008
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