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Letter: I'm going to enjoy this change in the rules!


Dear Editor, - 'Relaxing drinking laws is lunacy' says Judge Harris (Post, August 11). I do not agree.

Britain's restrictive drinking laws were enacted as part of the Defence of the Realm Act (1915) in the middle of the First World War. This was temporary emergency legislation to keep the workers in line. It was never repealed. What the government has done returns us to the pre-1915 position.

People have suffered social drinking restrictions because of the excuse of war, not their behaviour. That came later as the restrictions forced people to drink against the clock.

British judges are very, very sensitive to human rights for all sorts of people. What about the simple human rights of people like me who wish to have a drink when we feel like it?

Judges are really superannuated lawyers who know and care little for what goes on in society. What they hear in court is the waffle, perversions and evasions of other lawyers. Look around and see what I mean. The police always oppose relaxed drinking proposals. They would like a 9pm curfew for all. So no prophesies of disaster from the police: let them get on with their jobs patrolling the streets.

No more drinking against clocks and bells: that is finished. I congratulate the Government on this one. I am going to enjoy it! Cheers.


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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Aug 25, 2005
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