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Letter: Hounded for daring to care.

Byline: Rev James Thompson, Christians Against All Animal Abuse, Holywell

I'VE come across hypocrisy in many forms, but the way some farmers, or their wives, have taken a swipe at Judi Hewitt for her care of lambs in a car, beats them all.

Farmers were apparently upset that Judi took three lambs from North Wales to an animal sanctuary in Lincolnshire by car.

Many farmers, presumably, see no harm whatever in sending lambs to the slaughter houses; and considerable number see no harm in sending them crammed in to transporter lorries, to be later shipped for live exports.

Yes - and make no mistake about it! - for slaughter in far off countries by barbaric methods disallowed in our own.

Yet, dear Judi Hewitt is hounded by some of these folk. Well, if this is not a case of the frying pan calling the kettle black then I fail to know what is! The supreme analogy of God's watchful and caring eye over us, in terms of the 23rd psalm, has become - through intensive husbandry allowed to spread - utterly irrelevant.

Yet, how many of Ms Judi Hewitt's critics - as well as us!

- lustily sing this 'Number One' favourite in today's hymn book while we condone the abuse these sentient little creatures undergo? Yes, and all to satisfy the lust of the palate at some future single dinner spread!

Let us give it to the farmers: if we, the public demanded either organic food - or else vegetarian or vegan - then many of them would gladly switch towards producing the same. However, until that great and wonderful day arrives, thank God for this Christlike militant compassion of Judi Hewitt; because all that is necessary for evil to prevail is that 'good' folk remain silent and do nothing.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jul 1, 2005
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