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Letter: Happy memories - apart from the tripe; HOME GUARD.


Dear Editor, Your Freeze Frame picture, from March 23, 1944, indeed renewed memories for me (The Home Guard are formed, Post June 8). I am probably one of few original recruits still left from the first ever Women's Home Guard Auxiliaries, attached to Lt Col Austin's 34th Warwickshire (Birmingham) Battalion Home Guard in the winter of 1941.

Surprisingly, I can still get into our only 'uniform' - a khaki armband, reading "Women's Auxiliary - 34th Batt". . . plus the gasmask of course.

Our duties covered all the normal Home Guard duties. I am still proud of the fact that at the age of 19, following a three-month course, I came out top of all entrants (men and women) from five Home Guard battalions in intelligence tests.

Lt Col Austin commented that I "had answered correctly questions that would have beaten many Home Guard commanders".

It was all a great experience and much enjoyed, save for one night exercise when we were co-operating with the 48th Battalion, many of whom were from Birmingham Meat Market. They provided a supper of tripe and onions for the men but, as more lady-like, sausage and mash for the women. But I adored tripe and onions.


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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jun 15, 2007
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