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Letter: Good luck to the striking workers.

Byline: Paul Jenkins

Dear Editor, Best of luck to the council workers who are going on strike this week. If only more low paid employees in other sectors had the backbone to do this the working class, who made this country what it used to be, would be better off.

It's all very well government ministers telling employees they shouldn't be asking for above inflation pay rises, but those rules certainly don't apply to them or the MPs, so why should council workers be excluded?

Particularly when they have gone four years with below inflation pay rises and face ever increasing prices of food, fuel and housing on what in many cases is a minimum wage.

When will the government realise that the most important issue which is ruining the country and creating frustration and crime is the increasing gap between the well off who don't give a stuff about the credit crunch, and the average worker who keeps the country going.

Paul Jenkins, Rugeley, StaEordshire.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jul 17, 2008
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