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Letter: Global truth.

Byline: Neville Dunn

BRIAN Christley's comments on global warming ( January 25) echo an article I can remember reading in the Observer back in 1970.

A group of Danish scientists had spent several years researching historical data on temperature changes in Europe over the past thousand years and had come to the conclusion that, not only did the sun's output wax and wane a but also the axis on which the earth revolves is not static and has a couple of small wobbles in it.

They concluded that these factors explained why they found periods of high temperatures, such as the Middle Ages, and other bitterly cold periods such as Tudor and early Victorian times. The scientists concluded with a prediction that there would be a mini ice age in Europe in 1986.

I was sceptical about this prediction but was amazed in 1984 to find that my weather recordings included temperatures falling rapidly until they reached the lowest point in the autumn of 1986 at nearly 2 degrees C below the long termaverage. Gradually the mean annual temperature started to rise until it rose above normal again in 1989. I amstill not convinced that man's interference is the major cause of the rise in global temperatures.

Neville Dunn, Mynydd Isa
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Jan 26, 2007
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