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Letter: Get us out of the Common Market.


Dear Editor, -Since the Swedes voted against the euro its British supporters are temporarily scaling their efforts down. Patriots have won one defensive battle but the war for freedom is still on.

For instance, Common Market bureaucrats and their collaborators in Whitehall are strangling medical research. Britain's biggest cancer research charity, Cancer Research UK, reports that its work is being crippled by oppressive regulations. Forty-four separate laws governing clinical trials have been introduced in the last eight years. Clinical trials that once took three months take two years.

New laws require elaborate bureaucratic rules to be followed for any research on human tissue.

They apply even to a few cells on a microscope slide or to material taken from Egyptian mummies. The costs to take a new medical drug from concept to market is an average pounds 600 million. This is four times Cancer Research's annual budget. Even big pharmaceutical companies find such expenditure a strain.

Get Britain out of the Common Market.

J P LETHBRIDGEWard End, Birmingham.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Oct 11, 2003
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