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Letter: Floods and lesson in commonsense.

Byline: J B G TAFT

Sir, - Apart from the proven and obvious fact that new roads (bypasses, ring roads, orbital routes, or what you will) do not, in any degree, lessen or assist traffic, have the Powers That Be learned nothing at all from last year's devastating floods?

If they uproot hedges, fell ancient trees (which mop up water faster than ever we can) and then concrete or Tarmac over square miles of countryside the millions of gallons of water have to go somewhere.

We, in this area, know well where that 'somewhere' is and, even now, have not yet recovered from the chaos.

If they absolutely must ignore all the beauty they are destroying, surely to goodness practical commonsense, without any money-consuming surveys, will allow them to acknowledge this? Any money at all to spare should be ploughed into the permanent ways of this country - canals and railways - not into the ever absorbing pockets of the Government and Tarmac.

Then we will be rid of congestion and can make all the great lorries and castle-sized pantechnicons redundant. And three loud and hearty cheers will be heard throughout the land.

J B G TAFT Kidderminster.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Feb 15, 2002
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