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Letter: Fire chief should resign.

Dear Editor, - So the chief of the West Midlands Fire 'Circus' is shocked is he? I wonder if he was shocked (when his draconian shifts came to fruition) that a third to a half of the fire trucks in the West Midlands suddenly had no personnel to ride them?

He says a strike decision would hit local taxpayers - his policies have done this already. The taxpayers before September had 62 fire trucks 24/7, now we have 13 planned trucks off the run at night and 10 to 20 unplanned trucks off the run all through the night and day - and for this we are having to pay more council tax.

As a fire-fighter and a tax payer I'm appalled at the mismanagement of the service and call for the chief and his incompetent underlings to be held accountable. They should do the right thing and resign

WEST MIDLAND FIRE-FIGHTER (Name and address supplied
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Oct 28, 2005
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