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Letter: Fallon: a ridiculous and unfortunate case.

Byline: David Buik

THE dismissal of the charges against Kieren Fallon, Darren Williams and Fergal Lynch was the best possible news that racing could have had from this ridiculous and unfortunate test case.

Horseracing never has been a pure science and never will be. The prosecution never had the slightest chance of bringing a conviction on all known evidence. There is little doubt that the fact that John Kelsey-Fry, Fallon's counsel, is a racing luminary helped Fallon's cause immeasurably.

The HRA (as was) and Sir Michael Connell, in particular, with their knowledge at the sharp end of racing, should be ashamed for revoking Fallon's licence, which prevented him from plying his trade for 17 months before being asked to stand trial at the Central Criminal Court.

Whatever happened to British justice? Has habeas corpus just been hurled out of the window?

The fact that Fallon is a rich man is irrelevant. The refusal to allow him to ride until the trial was just palpably wrong.

In the case of Darren Williams and Fergal Lynch, they will suffer from the ruthless and heartless treatment meted out by the racing authorities and the police as a result of a pathetically drawn-up, flimsy case in which the prosecution had little chance of proving their case beyond reasonable doubt.

The BHA has damaged its reputation inestimably. The large majority of those people who go racing on a regular basis come rain or shine will have been laughing their socks when the judge made his decision and shaking their heads at the unnecessary pain and unpleasantness the three jockeys were subjected to.

Betfair is a brilliant innovation. However, for them to turn Queen's evidence based on circumstantial evidence is regrettable. If they are unhappy at betting trends, they should just close the account.

Fallon and his two colleagues will now want to put this harrowing experience behind them and return to booting home winners, to the sound of the cheering crowds.

David Buik London SW6


Kieren Fallon, outside the Old Bailey after his acquittal on Friday
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Dec 9, 2007
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