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Letter: Expert colonisers.

Byline: Allen Powell

WHAT exactly do those few Welsh people who are accusing the English of colonising Wales mean by colonising?

As I understand the meaning of the word, theWelsh themselves must be amongst the most expert of colonisers.

Apparently about half of the Founding Fathers of the USA hadWelsh connections; organisations such as the London Welsh choirs and Welsh clubs,associations and societies still exist in many English towns and cities; Eisteddfodau and Cymanfaoedd Ganu are held annually all over the world,and I was once told that there was a time when the majority of teachers in Essex were Welsh.

Then of course there's Patagonia -now that's what I call colonising !

As I have never heard,for example,of a Cardiff English Male Voice Choir and I'm pretty sure there's not a Pwllheli one either,I would have thought the English must be leaving their even greater colonising expertise at Offa's Dyke.

Which is perhaps a pity -just imagine Dafydd I wan and the Archdruid doing a spot of Morris dancing ! Allen Powell,Aneddle,Criccieth
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 8, 2003
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