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Letter: EU's second-class system.


Dear Editor, What a sorry state our postal system has been allowed to fall into.

Once it was regarded as a social need and mail was delivered all over our country at the same price. We had pride in our postal people.

Alas, along comes the EU and takes over and issues a set of rules, on December 16 1997, about what we can or cannot do.

The first directive established a universal postal system within the EU and the UK's postal service regulations 1999 brought this directive into British law. The UK became a universal service provider, tasked with ensuring one delivery at each address and collection each working day at an affordable price.

The second postal services directive reduced the monopoly of the USPs from 350g to 50g. This is a huge disadvantage to the Royal Mail for it allows the unreserved sector to deliver the profitable mail leaving the unprofitable mail for the Royal Mail to deliver.

Now it would seem the politicians are not only keeping us in the dark regarding how the EU works but Adam Crozier as well; the Royal Mail chief executive, pointed out to the Government that Royal Mail's operating profits had fallen by 86 per cent to pounds 22million in the first half of 2006-7.

He seemed unaware that due to the Amsterdam Treaty, the Government was unable to make good the financial shortfall without EU permission.

However, in December 2007 EU regulators were investigating the German state subsidies of Deutsche Post to determine if it bolstered commercial operations with public money.

It's no wonder the EU accountants will not sign the EU annual accounts.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Nov 21, 2007
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