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Letter: Defend our city.

Byline: Cllr Steve Rotheram, Labour Spokesperson for Leisure, Sport and Culture

I HAVE to agree with Gerard Curtin, of Warrington, in his letter to your pages (November 3) regarding anti-Liverpool invective. Often, very innocent critiques of Liverpool life are used to perpetrate anti-Scouse idiocy.

I have had a number of letters published that contest outdated stereotypes of Liverpudlians and our wonderful city, and actually challenged Boris Johnson in person on his ill-fated visit to Liverpool to explain his outrageous comments.

I personally put a lot of this down to jealousy. Liverpool has so much to be proud of and such a rich cultural heritage to celebrate, that critics with their myopic views, who linger in the shadows waiting to snipe at any of our peccadillos, (and there are many), should be exposed for their injudiciousness.

Anthony H Wilson addressed an event at Lipa only last Friday and, although not known for his generosity of spirit towards Liverpool, voiced the opinion that Liverpool's historical perspective in regard to modern culture made it the only place for a home to celebrate it.

Not Manchester, but Liverpool. Just as racism should be challenged at every juncture, it is the responsibility for us all to defend unjust criticisms of Liverpool in an intelligent manner.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Nov 8, 2005
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