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Letter: Church has duty to protest at slaughter.


Sir, - I, for one, rejoiced when our national Church leaders protested at No.10 against any further killing of the people of Iraq. It is a contradiction that has troubled me the whole of my days, for the Church is the child of the Lamb of Peace.

Yet during the last war, for instance, no national church protested against the atrocities of its mendacious government; neither the German Lutheran Church against the evil of the Nazi death camps, nor the Anglican Church against our carpet bombing of Germany or against the Allied post-war killing of millions of Germans.

Individuals protested, such as the courageous Bishop Bell and Pastor Niemoller, at great personal cost.

The Church, I feel, should shun all national clamour, rejoicing and triumphalism by government and crowd as God's children are slaughtered.

Of course, the Church's protest will make little difference, if any. But that is not the point. The national Church is, at last, prepared to speak with the voice of its maker, and not that of government and media.

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Aug 31, 2002
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