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Letter: Cauldron of woe.

Byline: Rennie Ku

WHATEVER comes at the end of the party conference season, the dilemmas that haunt Gordon Brown and his MPs and ministers remain.

Those Labour MPs who want to hold onto their jobs for as long as possible would be wise to keep their heads down and pray that things improve over the next 18 months.

No doubt the Prime Minister is reaping the whirlwind of his own legacy from his Chancellor days, but who in the Government would be crazy enough to want to take over not just a poisoned chalice, but what is the biggest cauldron of social and economic woes seen for decades, if he were to be knocked off his perch?

As his new-found empire begins to crumble and the baying pack outside his door continues to grow in number, Mr Brown might decide to call a snap general election and have the satisfaction of taking some, if not all, of those ungrateful rebels with him when he bites the dust.

I suppose the way things are, a few thousand acres of sheep farm in the tranquillity of the Highlands must beat hanging around in Downing Street and being called the "worst Prime Minister in 70 years", hands down.

And, as for David Cameron and the Tories, a landslide victory may be good for those further down the ranks but, as they say, even a miracle worker needs at least water if wine is to be produced.

What a fix a Tory government will be in when, thanks to Gordon Brown, even the bottom of the Treasury's barrel is not there for them to scrape.

Rennie Ku, L8
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Daily Post (Liverpool, England)
Date:Sep 22, 2008
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