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Letter: Cannabis-user does not deserve this; Voice of the North.


READING my Journal yesterday I was shocked to see Patricia Tabram of Humshaugh in Northumberland is still being persecuted by those who should know better.

Shades of Stephen Thoburn, the Metric Martyr, and we all know what happened to Stephen, the petitions for a free pardon (posthumously), the council climbdown and so on.

Why is it nowadays no one appears to want to apply common sense instead of bureaucratic red tape?

For me Patricia is doing no wrong to anyone except herself so long as she does not sell or persuade others to use cannabis, which in my opinion is a herb anyway, though some prefer to call it a drug. They could be right if it is abused by the wrong people.

This lady finds it is the only thing which relieves her pain, therefore what right have any of us to deprive her of her home and right to its use for herself?

On July 1 this year, smoking was banned from all public places.

Without doubt it's a foul, smelly habit which over the years has caused distress to countless non-smokers and we are even now to continue to encourage smokers by building special outdoor shelters to enable them to carry on killing themselves.

Nicotine is a drug which has wreaked havoc on humans past and present, but we draw the line at taking their homes from them.

There is no comparison with the damage done to smokers and non-smokers alike by tobacco and that of Patricia using what I call a herb, which relieves her of pain and improves her quality of life.

Someone needs to knock the heads together of those who will not let her get on with her life and enjoy it pain-free.

ERIC BRITTAIN, Harraton, Washington,


PATRICIA TABRAM: Let her live in peace, says reader Eric Brittain, who also points to the hypocrisy over nicotine.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Jul 12, 2007
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