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Letter: British must become patriotic.


Sir, - A total of 45,000 English football soccer fans supported our team brilliantly as we beat Turkey 2-0.

But the few hundred British media at that game would much rather that England had not won as they would've been able to have attacked Sven with great gusto.

That would be typical of our media and it rubs off on the general public.

George W Bush was criticised by our media for showing such patriotism in his speech to the troops and families in North Carolina - why? I wish someone on our side (political or otherwise) would stand up and give a rallying cry and motivate our troops.

Why are we so reserved? If it were in our nature/culture then we would not have any decent sports teams or people as they have to be self-motivated or capable of being motivated like our troops I think we should rise up and tell our media that they are not giving us what we want.

I am getting fed up with the negative coverage which filters through from generally cynical and sarcastic presenters and commentators, such as the sneering Jeremy Paxman.

It's as if our media wants us to lose and it's about time we reversed that and showed some patriotism.

People seem to say that it is not in our nature to shout about things and motivate each other - that is absolute rubbish and it is just the media which propagates that view, purely for their own purposes. We have to reverse that and show great patriotism.

We do not necessarily need to show patriotism in USA style but contrary to what our media want we must show patriotism and keep behind our troops who are doing an extremely difficult job in order to protect democracy and ultimately peace BRIAN R DISBURY Birmingham.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Apr 8, 2003
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