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Letter: British always lead victory over tyrants.


Sir, - The evil but necessary war against Saddam Hussein of Iraq has proved beyond doubt to both the French and German hierarchy, plus other members of the European Union and the countries belonging to the so-called 'United' Nations, that when the chips are down it's the Brits who come up trumps.

We are all inordinately proud of our armed forces in battle or during their peace-mounting manoeuvres - they don't pointedly advertise their presence but get on efficiently with the job in hand. They have also endured with sadness and silent resignation the loss of 31 comrades in battle or from 'friendly' fire.

However, isn't it coincidental that in the 13th century another Brit, King Richard, defeated the Saracen warrior Saladin of the Ottoman Empire; who history claims was born and bred in Tikrit like Saddam Hussein? Modern Iraqi oil has supplied Tikrit with bounteous gifts and Saddam's fanatical supporters with excellent hospitals, schools and an infrastructure where a magnificent palace with three square miles of heavily-fortified luxury afforded privacy and refuge for the tyrant himself. All this was to the detriment and expense of the rest of their oppressed and impoverished brother Iraqis. Both tyrants were defeated by, in the first instance, the Brits and a motley crew of Europeans and, secondly, by the Brits and the Yanks.

Now, of course, everyone else wants to get a finger in the pie of reconstruction, but I do sincerely hope that the victors of this conflict will stick to their guns and let the Iraqis reconstruct and re-govern their own country. They have got the oil, the revenue from which will soon recreate the Iraq their ancestors envisaged. After all, theirs was the cradle of civilisation and the genes of such immense genius, which achieved such triumphs as inventing the wheel, devising algebra and higher mathematics and taking pure civilisation to the rest of the world, still lie deep within the Iraqi people themselves.

JAMES H ALEXANDER Symonds Yat West, Herefordshire.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Apr 18, 2003
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