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Letter: Baltic states need Europe.

Byline: J ROLAVS

Sir, - Dr Chris Upton's article about the Baltic states had the headline: 'Is West really best for these young nations?' (Post, Jul 31).

The answer is - definitely. The Baltic states have always beenwestern-orientated and are an integral part of Europe, not only geographically but also economically, politically and culturally.

Bitter past experience of cruel occupations by Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia have shown that, without being members of a strong democratic security system such as NATO, their future security is not assured.

Sadly, statements of objections from Russia against the Baltic states joining NATO remind one of the criminal Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, August 1939, which led to the forceful occupation of the Baltic states, in 1940, by the Soviet Union.

Since regaining independence, after 50 years of Soviet occupation, the Baltic states still live under many threats from the Russian Federation.

It is important that the re-integration of the Baltic states into the western family of nations should take place to ensure the stability of Europe as a whole.

J ROLAVS Henley-in-Arden.
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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
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Date:Aug 22, 2002
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