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Letter: Back door move.


SIR - I note with some interest and a lot of trepidation that Labour is about to try to form a minority administration down at the Bay. I have two comments to make on hearing this nugget.

Firstly, Welsh Labour spent the whole of the Assembly campaign making sure that we got the message that, "A vote for anyone other than Labour will let the Conservatives in by the back door."

Now who is getting in by the back door? Mr Morgan?

To form a minority administration which the majority of the electorate who participated actually voted against is surely getting in by the back door. The rest of the electorate simply couldn't be bothered to take part.

My second thought is that after eight years of Welsh Assembly administration (I refuse to use the term Government, because they have not governed) we have four main political parties.

One has proved itself inept after eight years in power, a second has just proved itself unwilling to take the risk of having some power, and the other two have proved themselves unable to decide whether they should try or not, where does Welsh politics go from here?

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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 30, 2007
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