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Letter: A new concept in British jurisprudence; Voice of the North.


POLITICAL correctness is a weasel phrase derived from an illegitimate conjunction of two words, rendering it meaningless or sucking out its meaning, as a weasel sucks out the contents of an egg.

It means we are obliged to respect the human rights of people who ignore and traduce their human responsibilities. It leads to the victim of assault or burglary being prosecuted for his temerity in defending himself against the wrongdoer.

Human rights is a new concept in British jurisprudence, thrust upon us by the Continental European Union, composed of less fortunate nations who never had the unlimited rights of our unique constitution. We are now harvesting the poisonous fruits of this malign 27-branched tree.

Hanging and flogging are replaced by a slap on the wrist, and so petty criminals kill with impunity, knowing their own lives are not forfeit.

We have no contiguous borders with the other 26 members of the EU and yet we are obliged to admit any of their citizens who choose to come here; a preposterous situation.

We are a small island archipelago, already overcrowded, and yet immigrants are leaving countries with abundant lebensraum and coming here where there is virtually none.

PHILIP WARREN, Gosforth, Newcastle
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Aug 21, 2007
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