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Lethbridge Historical Society.

Since last reporting, the Lethbridge Historical Society has had 2 meetings with speakers, and one book launch.

On March 26, our members were delighted to hear Elizabeth McLachlan read and highlight stories from her two publications: "With Unshakeable Persistence, Rural Teachers of the Depression Era" and "With Unfailing Dedication, Rural Teachers in the War Years." The teachers whose stories are chronicled in the books attended and provided an interactive question and answer period.

On April 23, our guest speaker Garry Allison, a free-lance writer, gave us the inside scoop on journalism during world conflicts. Mr. Allison is a former Lethbridge Herald reporter who continues to provide us with weekly historical stories in the Herald.

April 13, we held a double book launch at the Southern Alberta Model Railway Club house where the model trains were demonstrated. The Hon. Clint Dunford and City Alderman Barbara Lacey were in attendance and brought greetings from their respective governments. The two publications were updated versions of past efforts and included: "Railways in Southern Alberta", Occasional Paper No. 36 by the late Mr. R.F.P. `Paddy' Bowman and "The C.P. Rail High Level Bridge at Lethbridge," Occasional Paper No. 37 by the late Dr. Alex Johnston.

Lethbridge Historical Society continues to keep publishing as its prime focus. At this time there are three manuscripts being reviewed, as well as a reprint of "Plants and the Blackfoot". Any new publications will be dedicated to the Alberta 2005 Centennial to join the two launched on April 13.

A special event will be held on July 16 at the Lethbridge Public Library on 7:30 pm. Michael Unsworth, a professor from Michigan State University will be here to speak to us on World War II balloons that landed in Alberta. The topic appeared in the Spring 1995 Alberta History. The article was written by William R. Sinclair and is entitled "Bombs over Alberta". Please come and join us if you are in Lethbridge on that evening.

Can you answer these questions?

Who where they? Did they become famous? Are they still around?

For some years now I have been trying to find out from my historical friends from the Calgary area the questions I have posed above.

As a young lad living in Strathmore in the Fall of 1949 and Winter of 1950, I recall a small group of western singers/entertainers who had a noon half hour radio spot on CFCN or CFAC. They were popular to many folks during every noon hour. The group also travelled to smaller centres outside Calgary in the evenings and would entertain at these smaller communities.

After I moved away from area in 1950 I lost track of the group as the was no reception for CFAC or CFCN radio.

Do any History Now readers know this group What became of them? Are they still alive? If you do, would you write a short article for History Now to let us know what happened to them? Thanks, signed interested from Lethbridge.
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Author:Johnstone, Jean
Publication:Alberta History
Date:Jun 22, 2002
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