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Let the merchandising begin!

Producers of needless knickknacks everywhere are pouncing at the chance to cash in on Pope-mania. Here are some of the more interesting selections out there.

Ratzinger mugs Before he was pope, there was the Cardinal Ratzinger Fan Club, which boasted Ratzinger was "putting the smackdown on heresy since 1981." Now that his name has changed, the fan club's has too, and its slogan is a little more brazen: "The cafeteria is closed." (

Ratzinger Bratwurst Pope on a rope--of sausage, that is. Served on a Bunedict with a side of mustard seeds. This particular incarnation was spotted in a Bavarian butcher shop, but it's sure to hit large chain American grocery stores faster than you can say glockenspiel.

The John Paul II "Holy Father" Beanie Baby If you think people got frenetic over McDonald's mini-Beanie Baby giveaway, you ain't seen nothin' yet. Picture it: "First 500 people to receive Communion also receive this papal plush doll!" (Available in retail stores.)

Benedict XVI baby clothes with this trendy bib, your tots can be blessed by the pope himself as they smear pureed carrots all over their precious faces--and his! And this adorable B16 vitamin-themed onesie will let everyone know your child is both clever and reverent. (

Papa Ratzi posters Who do you love? "Ich liebe [I love] Papa Ratzi!" This sassy series of posters, cards, and other paraphernalia will leave no doubt on where your loyalty stands. (

Papal beer Not to be confused with papal bull, this beer is a special edition from Weideneder, a local brewer near Benedict XVI's hometown of Marktl, Germany. Currently only sold in Marktl, the name, Marktler Papstbier, means "Marktl pope beer." But please drink responsibly. There is nothing more uncouth than getting schlocked off the pope's beer.
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Title Annotation:catholic tastes
Author:Dix, Tara
Publication:U.S. Catholic
Date:Jun 1, 2005
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