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Let the dog see the RABBIT; Racer and bunny are best friends.

Byline: Hannah Butt

GREYHOUND Zara spent her youth chasing dummy rabbits round a track - so her owner tried to keep her apart from her other pet, Brambles bunny.

But after a chance meeting in the back garden this unlikely pair are now the best of friends.

Owner Natasha Roe said: "When I first brought Brambles home I was terrified that Zara wouldn't get on with her - and at first Zara did try and nip the rabbit.

"After that instance I immediately separated the pair of them and put a divide in between the two.

"But once when I came out, Zara had got over the divide and was sniffing Brambles on the step.

"Since then they have been the best of friends and you'll often find them following each other in the garden."

Natasha brought Zara, ten, home when she retired from racing in 2008. Brambles joined the family, in Weymouth, Dorset, four years later. Natasha, 23, said: "Zara has always been a very calm and relaxed dog and after she got to know Brambles she was fine with her.

"Now they play in the garden. Zara will lie down and Brambles will run and jump over her.

"It's such a wonderful friendship and it's great to see them get on so well."

The family also have a springer spaniel called Rascal - but there is no love between him and Brambles.

Protective Natasha said: "My partner Robert wanted a smaller dog so we decided to get Rascal. He doesn't get on with Brambles at all and we have to ensure the two are separated.

"Zara gets really protective over Brambles when Rascal is around and often stands in the way so he can't get to her. She's even barked at Rascal to stop him getting close to Brambles.

"And when Rascal goes to bed, Zara will always go outside to make sure Brambles is tucked up in her hutch."


BUDDIES: Brambles and Zara

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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Mar 1, 2015
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