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Let me out--I'm a pro!

I've worked in construction Most of my life, and last year I put a bathroom, wet bar, laundry room and rec room in my basement without any problems. Then it came time to install a prehung door on my basement storage room. Piece of cake, right?

I fit the door in the opening, plumbed it, nailed the jamb into the framing and then nailed on the trim. It took all of five minutes. Then I noticed the 1-in, plastic shipping bolt that held the door closed. I couldn't budge the door or extract the bolt. The only tools I had were a nail gun and a level, so I was stuck! The only way out was to kick the door open (and destroy it in the process). I removed all traces of the door before my wife got home, I met her in the driveway and told her I was almost finished. I just needed to get a door for the storage room. I left out the word "again."

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Date:Mar 1, 2013
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