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Let me hold that for you.

There are certain parts of your bow setup that don't get nearly enough attention--or credit, for that matter--and arrow quivers might top the list. After all, all your quiver does is hold your arrows until the real work begins, right? Wrong! Growing up as an Eastern treestand bowhunter, I never kept my quiver on my bow except for the walk to and from the stand. So, the importance of a quality quiver never dawned on me. But if you do any bowhunting where spot-and-stalk is the norm, I guarantee your thinking will change in a hurry, because you don't have time to remove your quiver before the shot. I recently tested the new Nitrix quiver from Archer Xtreme. Based on past experience with AXT products, I knew I would be impressed--but I didn't know how much! In fact, I'd put the Nitrix at the top of my list due to the versatility offered by its Xtreme Drop Rack Technology, a carbon-fiber spine attached to the arrow rack. In its fully collapsed position, the Nitrix measures just 11 1/2 inches. Fully extended, it'll reach 17 1/2 inches. No matter which length is perfect for you, the Gripper Locking System will accept both the smallest micro-diameter arrows on the market as well as much larger aluminum shafts. The Nitrix also offers a grilled-gate hood design that allows you to quickly view broadheads and a tip insert overmold so you can use the quiver with any arrow/broadhead combination. For someone such as myself, who is routinely changing things up depending on where I'm hunting next, that's certainly a major benefit. And at just 14 ounces total weight, the Nitrix is among the lighter quivers on the market. It's available in four- or six-arrow configurations for both right- and left- handed archers.

MSRP: $139.99 (four arrow) and $159.99 (six arrow)

Contact: Archer Xtreme, 406-924-6113;

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Title Annotation:TACKLE BOX
Author:Pellman, Drew
Publication:Petersen's Bowhunting
Date:Jul 1, 2015
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