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Let maintenance reports support your budget.

Army Materiel Status System

Missing Army Materiel Status System (AMSS) reports may not affect a unit in combat--but they can reduce maintenance dollars for the unit's equipment in the next budget. Missing reports make it difficult for the Army to determine how much money each unit should receive for equipment maintenance and operation.

There are many reasons units fail to submit AMSS reports. Whatever the reason, reports aren't submitted, and the missing reports can lead to reduced funding.

Maintenance and usage data from the AMSS reports supports the data Congress uses to determine whether the budget request is reasonable.

Maintenance budgets for 2002 or 2003 don't match actual spending for units deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan. Today's higher operational maintenance costs are being under-reported due to missing AMSS reports. The result is lost data. Lost data means fewer dollars in the unit maintenance budget just as maintenance costs balloon following high OPTEMPO.

Your unit's monthly AMSS report consists of the Equipment Usage and the Material Condition Status Report (MCSR) data.

The ULLS Usage Report provides usage data to LOGSA in cumulative miles and hours of operation. This data is used by budget and logistics managers to forecast POL expenditures, analyze readiness, and justify requests for new equipment.

Usage reports cover equipment that is in use as well as in storage. It includes Army Prepositioned Stocks that have been used during the reporting period.

Usage reporting is vital to getting your share of OPTEMPO dollars, and usage plays a major part in determining budgets.

The Materiel Condition Status Report (MCSR) reports equipment status that also constitutes the equipment portion of the Unit Status Report.

The MCSR is used to identify equipment resource shortfalls, cross-allocate those resources, and assess a unit's ability to maintain allocated equipment. It helps the Army make decisions on funding individual units.

Units that fail to submit MCSRs lead higher headquarters to the conclusion that the units have the resources they need to accomplish wartime missions. Units that do file the report show a need for resource allocation based on reported status.

The MCSR helps higher headquarters distribute limited wartime funding to those units that show use and need.

The ULLS Usage Report and the MCSR affect your future maintenance budgets and the current distribution of resources. To get your share of the resources, submit complete, timely and accurate AMSS reports.
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