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Let Xmark take care of your residents' security, so you can take care of them.

For more than 10 years, Xmark's WatchMate[R] Wander Prevention System has set the standard in restraint-free protection of Alzheimer's patients. And now, MyCall offers you the same reliability and accuracy in emergency response. Whatever your monitoring and locating needs, Xmark can build the solution that is fright for your facility.

WatchMate: The proven solution to resident wandering

WatchMate is designed to prevent a wandering resident from leaving a facility undetected and becoming lost or injured. At-risk residents wear a small Watchlet[TM] bracelet on their wrist or ankle, and points of exit are discreetly secured by WatchMate monitors. When a resident approaches a door, WatchMate can activate a magnetic lock to temporarily lock the door or sound an alarm if the doorway is open.

The result is peace-of-mind for everyone--residents, their families and staff--without restricting movement within the facility.

This reliable and easy-to-use system is designed to suit any sized facility. There are three models to choose from, and a range of accessories to ensure that you get the solution that exactly meets your needs:

WatchMate ID is the full-featured choice for facilities with a larger population of wanderers and several exits to secure. It will detect multiple wanderers and display their ID numbers at the point of exit so your staff knows who to look for and can respond instantly.

WatchMate MR offers the same level of options as the ID model. It will detect multiple wanderers and display generic alarm messages at the point of exit. Each alarm must be cleared individually to indicate to your staff how many residents they need to secure.

WatchMate LC is ideal for smaller facilities, or for a single door in a heavy-traffic area. It simply detects a wanderer and sounds an

MyCall: Security without loss of freedom

The wireless MyCall emergency response system enables residents to call for assistance from anywhere within your facility, without imposing physical restrictions. The system traces each resident individually to their precise location--net just their room, but hallways, bathrooms and common areas too. In an emergency, you know exactly who to look for and exactly where to look, while at all other times the resident's location is kept confidential.

Here's how the system works. Each resident carries a small radio frequency transmitter, called a Communicator[TM]. Rooms and hallways contain location beacons. As a resident moves about your facility, his or her location is automatically transmitted to a central controller, via a network of readers installed out of view above the ceiling.

About Xmark

Xmark is a leader in monitoring and locating products for the healthcare market. As the Healthcare Security Division of Instantel Inc., Xmark has established a worldwide reputation for providing its customers with practical, reliable products based on proven radio frequency technology. Xmark's monitoring and locating systems are in use in thousands of facilities across North America.

For more information, please call 800-267-9111 or visit our web site at

xmark[TM] Know for sure

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