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Let Ibiza have sex, we're having none of it; CEREDIGION: Council changes licensing rules to give it option to ban raunchy events.


EVERY year thousands of tourists flock to Ibiza and to West Wales to get away from it all.

Sand? Yes there's plenty of that. Sea? Yes, loads. Sun? Well ... yes, West Wales would like to say it gets a lot of that whether it does or not.

Both places boast clubs, pubs, British beer, satellite TV, the whole shooting match.

But sex? Well, er, no sex please. At least not in Ceredigion. While Ibiza might boast clubs like Manumission where there are sex shows, pulsating dance music and rooms filled with bath foam, Ceredigion clubs like Pier Pressure and K2 in Aberystwyth make do with, well, dance music.

County council officials have decided that other coastal resorts nearby, like Tenby, might run lusty hen and stag parties and wet T-shirt competitions but they are having none of it.

So they they have changed their public licensing rules so that any local club or pub that wants to show a little something more than you'd see on the beach will have to get the council's permission. And the chances of that seem slim.

A meeting of the council's cabinet decided that events such as strip shows, lap top and pole and dancing will not see the light of day in the hot spots of Ceredigion.

Huw Williams, the assistant director of the environmental services department, told councillors that in order to preserve public decency the council's existing standard public entertainment licence conditions would have to be altered. He said, ``In recent times, some parts of the country such as Cardiff and Tenby have seen an increase in adult entertainment performances such as lap dancing and striptease. Such events can generate considerable anxiety and opposition amongst residents living in the vicinity of the premises hosting the entertainment.''

Mr Williams has been accused of being a party pooper by some. But he says, ``That may be the case but the council now has the option of banning any such event from taking part in Ceredigion.''

And the move is already starting to bite, for it could jeopardise plans by an Aberystwyth bar to hold a gentlemen's evening in a few weeks' time. Brady's Bar had been planning a men-only evening for September which would have seen a comedian perform before three strippers.

Nick Laing, whose company Innkeepers Wales Ltd owns three bars in Aberystwyth and others across Wales, said, ``Perhaps it is not right to carry out a blanket ban on this type of entertainment as the decision should rest on the suitability of the establishment itself.

``Some pubs and clubs may be appropriate venues when others may not. Ours are not suitable and apart from the occasional kissogram that is as far as it goes with us.''

Many though would welcome a more open approach from the chamber, and students at University of Wales, Aberystwyth, feel that some of the town's nightspots could do with an injection of flesh.

Jane, a second-year student said, ``You can keep your pole dancing, but male strippers? Yes please, bring them on. Much better than the beerbellied locals who strip off on Satur-day nights and think they are cool.'' The decision by the council to ensure events including nudity will not be permitted to go ahead was made because of problems which arose in other areas of Wales, such as Tenby.

The Pembrokeshire resort has built up a reputation in recent years for its steamy hen and stag parties and wet T-shirt competitions. Councillors called for a ban on these parties because they felt the rowdy behaviour was spoiling the town.

John Cross, chairman of the town's Chamber of Trade and Tourism, said it had been a worry. ``We want to make sure that the situation does not develop into a problem. We don't want to turn away any visitors but we are concerned about this.''

Mr Cross said although lewd and rowdy behaviour was causing concern a total ban like that in Ceredigion would be unworkable.

``We hope that by working together we will ensure that families and elderly people will not get turned off the resort either by the hype or by incidents they see themselves.''

He said that so far the code had worked well.

Where anything goes


ANYTHING goes on the sundrenched holiday island of Ibiza where three-quarters of a million Brits head to every year .

The population swells to almost two million during the season compared to 80,000 in the winter.

San Antonio is one of the favourite hot spots.

It is home to famous clubs like Manumission, Amnesia and Space. Ibiza town, the island's cosmopolitan & sophisticated capital, is another place to see.

One of the hottest bars around is the rather exclusive Mao Rooms. El Divino's and Pacha are two of the more popular venues of choice on the town club scene.


THE resorts of Ceredigion are far more reserved and summer revellers are tucked up in bed before the action begins on the Spanish coast.

The county boasts a population of 76,000 with half of these being Welsh speakers.

Summer visitors treble the population figures and Aberystwyth is one of the most popular places along the coast but has fierce competition from New Quay, Aberaeron and Cardigan. `Aber' is packed with pubs and clubs.

Rummers Wine Bar is a lively venue with good music whilst popular watering holes are The Academy, Glengower and Lord Beechings. Top of the night spots are K2 and Pier Pressure.


GOOD OLD-FASHIONED FUN: Relaxing on the prom in Aberystwyth; Picture: Tony Pardice; GIRLS' NIGHT OUT: Relaxing in Ibiza
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Comment:Let Ibiza have sex, we're having none of it; CEREDIGION: Council changes licensing rules to give it option to ban raunchy events.(News)
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
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Date:Jul 27, 2002
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