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Let's take a road trip to the museum of bad art.

Chock-full of facts, games, quizzes, experiments, and engaging things to do, The World Almanac for Kids 2008 is the perfect antidote to "I'm bored!" The number-one best-selling kids almanac worldwide--with more than 3,700,000 copies in print--is a one-stop shop for News, Music, Sports, Science, Numbers, Language, U.S. and World History, Faces and Places, Movies, and even Birthdays. Always fun and informative, this favored annual is loved by kids (attention Generation Y) and trusted by parents, teachers, and media specialists alike.


The colorful and iconic Table of Contents is just the opener to new features this year that include All About Harry Potter, Classic Books on the Big Screen, Say It En Espanol!, Global Warming, the Military, and Dwarf Planets (sorry, Pluto). Over 900 illustrations and charts as well as Did You Know? and Homework Help add to thousands of facts written about breaking records, choosing real-life jobs, celebrating odd holidays, learning how states got their names, and even visiting off-the-beaten-path museums like the Museum of Bad Art (MOBA) in Dedham, Mass. This volume ($12.99) is "tailor-made for your very own flatscreen, hi-def, video-game generation. It is full of facts and figures that will amuse, amaze, and inform."

A brand new World Almanac for Kids website ( also has launched. With a fresh new look and even more fun facts and homework help, the redesigned site allows readers to access exclusive, free bonus content on the Internet by using secret codes found only in the book.
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Title Annotation:WHAT'S NEW?
Publication:USA Today (Magazine)
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Date:Jan 1, 2008
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