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Let's take a closer look at Buffalo Bullets' new CORE-SHOT.

Let's Take A Closer Look At Buffalo Bullets' New CORE-SHOT

Most muzzleloader riflemen are quite familiar with the success story of the Buffalo Bullet -- that precision cold-swaged and pre lubricated projectile designed and produced by Ronald Dahlitz at the Buffalo Bullet Company in Whittier, California. And now you'll be hearing even more from this ingenious combine with the introduction of its "CORE-SHOT" ammunition developed for a number of modern metallic cartridges.

But let's start from the beginning. Not too many years ago Dahlitz introduced its now most popular Buffalo Bullet for use by black powder enthusiasts in pursuit of big-game. The projectile was revolutionary to say the least since it not only featured a hollow point for optimum expansion but was precision crafted.

Available for .45, .50 and .54 caliber front-end loaders, the Buffalo Bullet is cold-swaged from pure lead to insure uniform performance since cold-swagin eliminates air voids, sprue marks and parting lines, while weight tolerances are held to the barest minimums. In addition, it is available in hollow and flat base with the hollow base ideal for muzzleloader rifles featuring a slow twist and the flat base for faster twist barrels.

Buffalo Bullets also feature unique knurled areas which serve as a reservoir for its lubrication, resulting in substantially increased accuracy and velocity and superior loading qualities (no messy lubrication to contend with).

"In today's modern world of high velocity centerfire bullets, most bullet companies are striving for controlled expansion. Buffalo Bullet Company reverts to the age-old technology of a slow-moving, hard-hitting, soft-lead projectile doing what it does best -- EXPAND," is the word from the company's president Ron Dahlitz -- and there is no question his statement is more mere idle braggadocio as experienced black powder gunners have discovered in the big-game hunting fields. The projectile is hard hitting and expands with perfection for optimum knockdown.

That's the impressive story of the Buffalo Bullet from the company which bears this impressive name. But now Dahlitz tells us he has created new projectiles for a number of metallic centerfire calibers known as the "CORE-SHOT" projectile and these ingenious projectiles have yet another special niche in the shooting world.

Basically, the CORE-SHOT projectile is currently manufactured in loaded rounds by the Buffalo Bullet Company for such calibers as the .25 ACP, .32 ACP, 9mm, .38 Special, .380 Auto, .357 Magnum, 10mm, .41 Magnum, .44 Special, .45 ACP and the .223.

Now just what is a CORE-SHOT projectile? Actually, its nose features a deep cavity hollow point for maximum expansion and avoidance of over penetration, while its copper-jacketed inner core contains a number of size 12 shot.

"While maintaining all the other advantages of fragmented ammunition, CORE-SHOT also yields moderate penetration, where upon eruption of the thin copper jacket and core, hundreds of sub-particles (size 12 shot) are released into the target, thus creating a substantial wound channel. In addition, our CORE-SHOT is designed to expend 100 percent of the bullet's energy into the target without danger of over penetration," Dahlitz explained.

Now just what does all this jargon mean? Well, in simple terms, CORE-SHOT is designed to produce maximum expansion target without deep penetration (no exit). Therefore, according to Dahlitz, it is an ideal projectile for law enforcement personnel and for home protection where rapid knock-down is required sans deep penetration.

In other words, its unique hollow point feature produces rapid expansion and on impact future expends all its energy in the target itself due to the core sub projectiles. For law enforcement use or for home protection this means the projectile will strike a target with maximum velocity and impact -- but will NOT penetrate completely or ricochet.

"For predator hunting in urbanized areas this CORE-SHOT round will eliminate any danger of ricochets, making it a much safer round to use," said Dahlitz. "Also, since it produces maximum expansion on target impact there is but an entry hole -- there's no exit hole and since maximum energy is expended on the target itself, it will produce much greater knockdown energy," Dahlitz added.

Dahlitz also pointed out that each CORE-SHOT projectile is actually handdrafted in custom-produced swaging dies using the highest quality components.

Now there is no question the Buffalo Bullet Company's new CORE-SHOT projectiles are not for the hunter seeking deep penetration. It is designed primarily for law enforcement and home protection situations where quick knockdown is required and where the projectile will not completely penetrate and ricochet somewhere into Timbuktu. It also has its place in the varmint hunting fields as well.

"A most significant feature of our CORE-SHOT is its tremendous reduction of hazardous ricochet action, an important safety factor in urban areas," Dahlitz continued. "Don't just take my word for it either. Just try shooting a conventional hollow point or soft point projectile into a five gallon can filled with water. You'll quickly discover the conventional projectile will penetrate both sides of the can. But such is not the case with a CORE-SHOT projectile. It will penetrate the can but will NOT exit the can."

Dahlitz further pointed out that more CORE-SHOT projectiles loaded in other popular calibers will be forthcoming shortly. In the meantime, CORE-SHOT projectiles for the following calibers and bullet weights are currently available.

The .25 ACP with a 36-grain CORE-SHOT projectile boasting a muzzle velocity of 1,148 fps; the .32 ACP with a 53-grain projectile at a muzzle velocity of 1,104 fps; .380 Auto with a 74-grain bullet at 1,188 fps; 9mm, 100-grain bullet at 1,395 tps; .38 Special with 91-grain bullet at 1,202 fps; .357 Magnum, 120-grain bullet at 1,330 fps; 10mm, 156-grain bullet at 1,265 fps; .41 Magnum, 162-grain bullet at 1,285 fps; .44 Special, 150-grain bullet at 1,308 fps; .44 Magnum, 180-grain bullet at 1,320 fps; and the .45 ACP with 144-grain CORE-SHOT projectile at 1,300 fps. Also available is a 47-grain CORE-SHOT bullet for the .223 Remington at a fluzzle velocity of 3,150 fps.

Again, we must reiterate the new CORE-SHOT projectile as loaded by the Buffalo Bullet Company is NOT for the target range or for the hunting field. Nevertheless, it is ideally suited for law enforcement agencies and for personal home protection wherein a projectile capable of maximum performance into a target is required without deep penetration or the added danger of ricochet.
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